Teenage Party Security Melbourne

Speak Up For Change

    It is a good thing that Victoria Police have acknowledged the issues in regards to Sexual Harassment.  Sadly it is common in many industries.  One of my goals within the Security Industry is to create change and ensure gender balance.  Watch this space….. Read more:  

Year 9 Kids Need Help

  Over the last 12 months, U-nome Security has had a surge in 15-16 year old parties.  We have had more security bookings for this age group then any other and we have had the most issues.  Over the last few months I have observed some near tragic incidents involving our kids. Young people are…

The Damage Alcohol Can Cause

  In the last few months I have seen many commercials on the following: how smoking can damage our health, how eating too much sugar can increase our chances of diabetes, how gambling can cause depression and ruin our lives, how ICE can kill….yet I am still waiting for commercials to identify the damage alcohol causes to…

How low can you go ? !!

  What happens when responsible people are not involved in a party celebration? It is alleged that a male person was raped by so called ‘friends’ with a beer bottle. In addition to this, they recorded the shocking incident and uploaded the footage on-line. What the hell is wrong with people !!!