Teenage & Young Adult Parties

We are Australia’s leading security service for teenage and young adult parties.
Behavior Control

A direct plan of action is needed to make sure everyone gets home safe.

Crowd Control

Guest lists and people movement in and out of the venue needs supervision.

Alcohol Management

An alcohol management plan is essential to the success of any party.

Venue Safety Checks

All public and private venues undergo a comprehensive safety check.

School Education – Safe Parties

Naomi conducts education sessions at schools aimed at parents, teenagers and teachers to highlight the dangers and risks associated with attending and holding unsafe parties.  Naomi presents live footage of a party that went wrong and provides some useful guidance on how to prevent such scenarios affecting teenagers at your school.  More and more teen tragedies occur as a result of poorly planned or ineffective party management.

  • Learn how to plan a safe party

  • Understand the pitfalls of social media

  • Learn about the benefits of security

  • Learn how to prevent “Gatecrashers”

  • Tips on alcohol management

  • And much much more

Concert Security

Naomi has managed many music events and conducted security services for large events at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. U-Nome Security is also available for smaller events such as music signings and CD launches. Some previous bands that have used crowd control services include:

  • Shadows Fall
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Lamb of God
  • Fear Factory

Event Security

Many venues are happy with the existing security company that operate within their event or venue. They simply want to add a female presence to the front of the venue. By taking this approach, these businesses can benefit from having a woman as the first point of call to the public. We also can supply male door hosts if needed. Please remember, we offer “brains rather then brawn”!


U-Nome Security training gives you the skills and knowledge you need to work in the security industry.

Areas covered include responding to security risks, safety procedures you need to follow, first aid, and working as part of a security team, and much more, so you’ll be equipped for a range of careers in hospitality,events and parties.

U-Nome Security can assist you with gaining your skills to become qualified within the industry. Whether it is at entry level or whether you would like additional skills such as crowd control services.

Contact us today and we will assist you in becoming an elite crowd control operator.

U-Nome Security can offer your staff an intense 6 hr training session that covers law, conflict resolution and mediation. We believe that the hospitality staff need to be able to respond to any ‘sticky’ situation and to also be able to work efficiently with the crowd control team. This seminar can be offered to any venue, anywhere in Melbourne. No fuss, we come to you.

Please email me your requirements and you will receive a prompt response on how we can assist.

Safe and Sound

Proactive Party Prevention for home owners

This service offers Piece of Mind for Property Owners
  • Piece of mind for parents leaving their older teens at home whilst they work or on vacation
  • Risk Assessment at the home prior to departure
  • 4 visits during the night up until 2 am.
  • Visit includes 1 private paramedic and 1 security, checking on home, discussion with neighbours, updating clients
  • Cost may be reduced if other property owners nearby would like to use the service
  • On call service ‘after hours’
  • Can’t get on to your kids??? Or Kids can’t get onto parents and it is an urgent situation

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