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Unfortunately, many women experience domestic violence, and when they do, they are embarrassed, afraid, or just find it difficult to talk to anyone else about the abuse. They not want to involve other family members out of fear of judgement, fear of blame, fear of guilt or shame, or fear of an unsympathetic response.

They may also fear that if they involve other parties, those other parties may also become targets of the abuser. Some people do not have any family they can talk to for several reasons, such as cultural issues or distance. Without help, some women may not have the courage to escape the abuse, believing they may not be able to support themselves, or fear that their children will be taken away or placed in care


If you are a victim of domestic violence, or you are in a violent relationship, or if you suspect that your mother, sister, friend, neighbour, or any other relative is a victim, I can help you! …


Hi, my name is Naomi Oakley, and I was a victim of domestic violence. I have been through it! I suffered! I’ve had help! and like many other women, I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen to me.

Thankfully, I am fortunate that I have left it behind me and moved forward. The experience, however, will forever leave a mental scar, but it also motivated me to help other women.

  • I did not realise the potential trauma impacting women having to repeat their lived experience of domestic violence with different police personnel.

So my experience as a police officer, a victim and protective mother, puts me in a great place to help others.


If you decide to call me, I will meet you at a location where you feel safe and comfortable, and where we can speak in private. This first meeting will be all about me listening carefully to all your concerns.  You have shown great courage and strength to take this first step, and it is not my role to tell you what you should or should not do.


My focus is on determining what you may fear, how you are managing it, and how the domestic violence is affecting you. But I will emphasise, that there is no excuse for an abuser’s behaviour – financial hardship, job loss, stress, alcohol abuse, drug use, or cultural difference ARE NOT AN EXCUSE, and it is not your fault. Being abused is wrong – emotionally and physically. Everyone deserves a life free from violence.

Following our first meeting, if you wish to continue with my services, we will develop a plan.

Our Services Include

To address the emotional issues, I will strongly encourage you to seek the services of a counselor or support worker, but you do not have to do this alone.  I can arrange this on your behalf and seek an appropriate aid that is best suited to your situation.

Then there are the many other services I can assist you with …

If you are a victim of domestic violence, your life will likely be stressful, hectic, and chaotic, because you lack the support you need. Domestic violence can also impact other aspects of your private and social life, including your children and extended family.

The flow on effects can impact:

  • Access to friends and relatives
  • Your workplace
  • Your children’s school or child-care centre
  • Safety outside your home when you go shopping
  • Your attendance at a family wedding, funeral, or other celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary
  • Security in your own home, if you and your abuser live separately

 – Are you subject to drive byes?

– Does your abuser have his friends monitoring and reporting on you?

– Do you need help getting your locks changed (House and car)?

– Will you need help installing an alarm system or a duress system?

– Do you need help installing surveillance cameras?

– Do you need help with improving your property’s lighting?

– Will you need help with landscaping to improve your property’s sight lines?

There are two types of intervention orders that can be issued in a Magistrates’ Court. They are personal safety and family violence orders.

Personal Safety Intervention Orders (PSIO). To apply for a PSIO, an application must be completed and presented to a Registrar by appointment at a Magistrates’ Court.  When you present at the court, the Registrar will ask several questions, such as who is the respondent (abuser) any dates of specific incidents. You will be required to sign it in the presence of the Registrar as being a true and correct record. If approved, a summons will be issued for you to attend a court hearing, and the police will be provided with a summons to serve the respondent to also attend the hearing.

Depending on the circumstances, a warrant may be issued for the arrest of the respondent.  At the court hearing, a magistrate may make an order, with instructions restricting the respondent’s access to you. If the order is breached, the respondent can be charged. The PSIO will remain in effect until it expires, or it is cancelled by a judicial officer.

Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO). The application for a FVIO is similar to a PSIO, but is used when the respondent is a family member. However, in addition to the application form, a Declaration of Truth and family violence information sharing consent form must also be completed.  A FVIO can also be logged online, instead of attending the court.  If the application is for a child, then it will be logged with the Children’s Court.

On the form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Information about the respondent including their name and address.
  • Information about how the respondent has behaved, including details about what has happened and why you think it might happen again.
  • The names and birth dates of your children and other family members who need protecting and their relationship to the respondent.
  • The conditions you want in the order.

Once the court receives your application, the family violence Registrar will call you and explain the next steps, which will be an appointment to read over the application, and sign it as being true and correct. If approved, a summons will be issued for you to attend a court hearing, and the police will be provided with a summons to serve the respondent to also attend the hearing. Depending on the circumstances, a warrant may be issued for the arrest of the respondent.  At the court hearing, a magistrate may make an order, with instructions restricting the respondent’s access to you. If the order is breached, the respondent can be charged. The FVIO will remain in effect until it expires, or it is cancelled by a Magistrate.

All of this can be a daunting process to face, especially when suffering the stressful impact and potential duress of a domestic violence situation. This is where I can again help you, firstly through the application process and presenting to the Registrar, and secondly by accompanying you to court on the day of the hearing, to provide support and protection while you are exposed to the presence of your abuser.   

If it is viable, another safety strategy may be relocation. If you choose this option, then again, I can look at the protection controls suitable for your new premises.

Security Personnel Services

There may be situations where you need the support of security personnel. Some scenarios that I have provided these services to, include:

  • Weddings. If you have a disgruntled friend, relative, or ex-partner that you believe may threaten your special day (yes this does happen!), I can help you. I will plan my security team to fit into your day with inconspicuous exposure, and be ready to act if necessary. Our planning for these situations will always involve liaison with the local police to ensure a speedy response if necessary.
  • Funerals.  Like weddings, funerals from time-to-time are also targets of disgruntled relatives or people who the grieving family have not invited.  I can provide you with inconspicuous security personnel to watch over your ceremony with empathy, sensitivity, and work with the local police to ensure a safe and dignified occasion.
  • Special Occasions and Parties.  If you are hosting a special occasion or party at home or a private venue, and the fear of domestic violence is a threat, due to the attendance of an ex-partner, or a family member subject of an FVIO that may show up, then I can help you.  I will risk assess the property for vulnerabilities, liaise with local police, and help you plan a safe event.  

U-NOME Security has 22 years of experience managing these activities. We have been successful, because we work with you in the planning stage, not just the execution stage. We make it our business to know your business, with sensitivity and confidentiality.

We know that family violence is on the increase. Perpetrators are using technology to track and harass their victims. Police are inundated with family violence complaints and sadly their resources cant keep up with the demand of social media abuse. Perpetrators are becoming tech savvy which means, in many circumstances it is extremely difficult to prove unless you have an expert within the area of technology.

We understand that innovative approach is needed.


Phillip Di Biase of PHD Enterprises has the following qualifications:

  • At 15 completed an internship in IT working with a former Saudi military officer
  • Phillip started his IT business at the same time
  • Phillip has a Diploma in Criminal Justice
  • Is currently studying a degree in Law


What are the types of technology abuse that perpetrators are using to track your movements:

  • Abusive and threatening phone calls, and messages
  • On-line account infiltration
  • Photograph/Image abuse-sharing your photos without consent
  • Setting up fake social media accounts
  • Being tracked through a phone app or device that is lodged in your vehicle/home


Welcome to the new age of technological family violence.

If you suspect someone has infiltrated your smartphone then we can help.

If you suspect some has illegally place surveillance devices in your house, office or car, we can help.

We will run a technological analysis of your device/asset and provide you with a detailed report on what is discovered. You can then provide this report to the police to support your claims that you are being harassed.

Technological Attack Consultation – PHD Enterprises