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Party Security Melbourne

We have over 20 Years Industry Experience

I spent 13 years within Victoria Police, the final years I responded to a large portion of out of control parties.

I left the police force to develop a Party Security service after a few years of research.

By 2006 we developed and launched U-Nome Security Services. I believed parents needed a guided approach to these events and that a more dedicated approach to parties was needed in regards to crowd control.

You don’t use bouncers at a teenage party unless you want the party to end prematurely with your child in tears.

Party Security

We have provided Party Security for over 2000 clients

Let us describe it like this.

Do you get a GP to put a filling in your tooth?  

U-Nome Security are the only Party Security company that are solely devoted to youth events.

Starting from our comprehensive preparty assessment, to the staff ( low key professional) we assign to your events to the way they work at your event ( discreet but ready to respond) and to the way the liaise with the local police and emergency services 

Party Security

Every Party has direct Action Plan

We are the only company that provide you with a full comprehensive action plan to ensure risk is minimal and that the night is a success without the obvious presence of Party Security

We will determine how many sober parent helpers we need and what we need them to do.

You will be provided with a running sheet of what to expect and when. 

We can just about narrow the time frame of gatecrashers and can ensure with the action plan that trouble is minimised.

The action plan includes:

  • Information for neighbours
  • Liaison with Vic Police prior, during and after the event 

The action plan may include assistance after the event as occasionally a young one may tell a ‘tall story’ to avoid getting in trouble by their parents.

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Party Security Melbourne

All Public and Private venues undergo a comprehensive Safety Check

We conduct a thorough pre party assessment to ensure that you as the host are providing duty of care to the guests under your supervision.

This is also designed to minimise risks from within the property and external risks such as gatecrashers, drugs and alcohol.


If we deem the event to be high risk we will do the following:

  • Provide cameras for our staff to set up in the public domain to ensure gatecrashers are reduced 
  • We will immediately provide police with a detailed briefing sheet 
Alcohol Management Service for Parties

For Party Security you need Alcohol Management

Alcohol management is key to a successful event – no we are not the party police but provide a great alcohol management system that is supported by the young people and parents – as a mother how often can you get everyone on the same page?

We can also supply a low key bar person to assist with the service of alcohol – remember it’s not just about having an RSA but also the experience within a young person event.

I’ve seen qualified bar staff that seem to get distracted with beauty and forget about the ‘responsible part’!! 

Unome bar staff are up skilled constantly.

Excessive Alcohol consumption can make or break your party.

Kids at an Event

Guest lists and people movement are Always Monitored

We will supply you with a guest list template that will ensure the right people attend your party

We will set up the entry (as indicated at pre party assessment) to ensure we have one entry and one exit.

We will explain how we cloak bags and why we do this.

We will keep you updated if we believe there is drug activity.

We will provide you with the Compliance information that can be uploaded to the guest list via social media – to ensure all guests are aware of the type of identification needed to gain entry and to ensure their safety.

The staff will liaise with your guests as they leave to endure duty of card is provided and they have safe transport options.

We Hand Pick Our Team

Party Security

Our staff are Hand Picked, Highly Skilled and well presented

The staff that I assign to your events have the following experience:

  • A large percentage have a law enforcement background or industry standard and I have up skilled them
  • Every crew assigned has a female operator
  •  All staff have a level 2 first aid
  •  Most staff assigned are parents 

The staff assigned are non obvious personal with a relaxed approach- this creates a positive environment for the guests as they arrive as opposed to feeling intimidated. 

In saying this the staff will quickly respond if an incident arises.

They will patrol regularly at the parents request but also be monitoring your event externally.

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